About us

The name Gustav And Berta comes from our mother’s parents. Berta was exceptionally clever with her hands and Gustav had a rare drive to complete what he set out to do, preferably immediately. This driving force in particular is probably our strength. It rarely takes a long time from we get an idea in your head until it is implemented. Otherwise we can’t sleep and won’t be easy to deal with. It is not always easy to be creative and have a mind that is bubbling with ideas that require to be done – preferably yesterday.


On our father’s side of the family there are several handcrafters with rare talents and we remember our father as someone who did not give up even though he faced adversity. Good values to take with us. Working with knitting, is our passion. We make many of the things we do because the garments we need and envisage, simply do not exist in the store.

Sizes may not seem consistent, but then, babies and children in this age group are also very different. We knit everything ourselves, and have tried most of them on our own children, and then we have developed the garments until they became what we imagined.